Asthma and Rocking Chairs in My Life

I suffer from asthma. When I was a child, I would get severe asthma attacks that would leave unable to get out of bed. I had to be tended to all the time. I was not allowed to play physically active games unlike my childhood friends. I would get to see them play tag or race after each other. They were breathing heavily and sweating because of all the movements they made. I, on the other hand, just had to watch them, sit by the curbside, be mark of the finishing point of the races.

As I grew older and into college, there were many things I was not allowed to do, especially if this means I will be exposed to extreme weather conditions (extreme in my case is a weather that is too hot or too cold) and exhaustion.

When I went to college, I had to move away from my parent’s house. I had to stay in a dormitory. During my college days, I used to wake up early. I loved to smell the fresh morning scent since there were a lot of tree near our place. I would take a walk while the sun was just starting to rise.

While this was one of the things that my parents shielded me from—morning dew, I embraced it when in college. I followed this routine for most of first four semesters. I would wake up early and take a stroll around. I observed that my health was getting better. My allergies lessened and my breathing improved. I was able to take on more physical activities than before without getting asthma attacks.

However, this routine has changed when I became a junior. I became so busy that I wanted more sleep every morning. I did not have the time to stick to a morning routine anymore. From then on, I was prone to allergies again and I easily got tired. I have remained so until I graduated.

change-948008_960_720The Change that Happened

After I graduated, I was immediately able to find a job so I rented an apartment. There was enough space in my apartment to fit many of my belongings. I moved there after a short vacation. Knowing that I was to start my job soon, I wanted to prepare my body.  I wanted to follow an exercise routine.

I consulted with my doctor. She told me that right now, she would not allow me to do so. I needed to control my asthma first through medications. And so I obeyed her. But I thought that I needed to get some form of exercise nevertheless.

One time, I was observing my apartment. I saw a bland spot that I thought I could place something at. So I searched the internet hoping to find a mild exercise option. Then I stumbled across a website on rocking chairs. I was puzzled since a rocking chair is for cradling, how come it could be for exercise? So I researched about it. Apparently, the motion you use to rock it can exercise the different parts of your body and also produce other health benefits.

imagesI ordered a rocking chair for my apartment. Now, I am using it everyday for at least 10 minutes. I am still yet to observe the results. I will stick to this until my doctor allows me to a more physical exercise.

Have A New Experience With Fishing And Turntables

Fishing is one of the favorite activities that I like to do especially when I have a short vacation. Just yesterday, I was able to go fishing with my newly bought turntable. I got this turntable a week ago and yesterday I decided to bring it with me just for a new experience. And I was right; it has brought new experience indeed.

Going for fishing may be an activity that is so quiet and mellow since most people want to find relaxation in fishing. With the turntable, I say that fishing has become more relaxing. I am able to find peace from the music the turntables give.

Why Fishing And Turntables Are Perfect

Even if it’s only the first time for me to bring the turntable while fishing, I can now say that they are a perfect combination that definitely brings a new experience. Listening to good music while fishing, brings not only relaxation but also excitement as well. I can pick my favorite record and play it on the turntable while waiting for a fish to get my bait. From time to time, I can do adjustments with no difficulty at all. It is also a good factor that the music can still be heard even from afar because there are times that I have to change positions and locations while fishing.  Fishing and turntables are a perfect experience for me.

What I Like About This Turntable

This turntable is definitely of high quality. It has given me great music experience. Here are pointers that I like most about this device:

  • The platter where the record sits on spins well on the right speed.
  • The tone arm touches the platter and holds the cartridge well.
  • The music that’s being produced is of excellent and clear quality.
  • It comes with a dust cover, so I do not need to worry about the device being covered with dust especially when I take it outdoors.
  • Adjustments are made easy because the parts can be easily moved with little effort.
  • It has a design that is state-of-the-art. It looks modern and stylish.

With these pointers given, I can say that this turntable has just become my new favorite. It does not fail in giving good and quality music despite the fact that I bring it outdoors especially when fishing. Turntables have been in the market for a long time now. Despite the many improvement and change in the music and sound industry, turntables have successfully remained it significance up to this day. It is widely used by DJs and any people who basically want to experience quality music. I may not be a DJ, but I definitely enjoy the music of my new turntable. Whether inside the house or outdoors, the turntable can be carried and played as it is handy enough.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience with my turntable. It has been giving me quality music and proves to be worth every penny. I will surely bring this every time I go fishing.

What Have This World Become?

In a world where the notion of good looks is highly distinguished, we will do everything to jaunt on the movement of the hottest styles and merchandises that everyone use; from cosmetics products to waist trainers.

Source Of Excitement

There are people who go out of their way just so they fit in to the norms of beauty in our society. Whatever famous personalities are seen wearing, they are considered a trend, irrespective if it suits you or not, as long as it’s in the trend, you’re in.

However, just how far will you take it? These waist trainers for example are actually pretty dangerous when taken too far; if worn incorrectly, waist trainers may lead to (worst case scenario) crushing your organs and fracturing your ribs. Although wearing them for a certain time period daily may result in an hour-glass figure, you may still experience trouble in breathing.

Why The Women-kind Use Waist Trainer

Just so we’re clear, woman wanting a smaller waist, is her own business. However, waist training is not the same with compelling yourself to a daily core exercise. It’s a scary, painful and potentially dangerous maneuver that most women are curiously accepting in order to reduce couple of inches from their midsections. The change that it yields only last for as long as you continue to cinch your waist.

Various people say waist training doesn’t work since (according to them) it only moves areas of fat elsewhere. And famous personalities who endorse this are not certified health professionals. They do not even have any idea of how it affects their optimum state of health.

Women are persistently told that they need to suffer in order to become beautiful. However, the soreness of walking for hours in high heels cannot be compared from organ crushing and muscle cramping agony that waist training can do.

The Healthier Way To Lose Weight

If you are going to ask us, we still believe that the best way of eliminating excess fat in your body is still best done naturally. You must at all cost, avoid resorting to short cuts. Every lot of short cuts in the health and wellness industry is either worrisome or ineffective. The more you strive to the easy way you the more you are endangering yourself.

Moreover, you must understand the fact that although you are passively losing weight through sweating, it is quite a temporary solution. Of course you may try different forms of sweating techniques like wrapping yourself up with three large blankets during summer season or whatnot, as soon as you rehydrate yourself you will find yourself returning to your starting weight in no time.

If you truly wish to find a more lasting solution to weight loss through sweating it out, then don’t you fret. You can easily get into doing some weight lifting or cardio work outs in the gym. With or without the help of a gym trainer, you will definitely lose more weight effectively while getting some additional health perks like an increase in your cardiovascular endurance!

Must Have Fishing Tools & Accessories


Weekend is approaching and I am excited about the fishing excursion planned by my father. He is as enthusiastic as I am since this will be the first outing we will have together this summer. Fishing is a time for two of us to bond, enjoy the nature as well as relish the delicious fish curries my mother cooks. Like millions of other men, fishing is the best time we share, as it brings back the memories of my childhood, when we used to spend most of our summer vacations on the lakeshore in the deep woods starting right next to the city I spent our childhood in.

I am just counting on my father, that he will have a well-stocked and equipped fishing kit, as he used to have in my childhood. I have just mailed him about the things that must be there in an angler’s box. So here is the same list of things that I thought about and not to be missed in a tackle box.

Fishing Backpack/ Tackle box

The first thing you need is a spacious and handy tackle box or a fishing backpack. The reason is that you have to carry so much paraphernalia that a good organizer will offer you the right tool at right time to make your fishing trip memorable.

Extra line and hooks

If you have chosen a place of fishing having some big fish, then carrying an extra fishing line is a good decision. If you carry only one and if it breaks while pulling out an extra heavy catch or it gets stuck in some debris, then your whole trip will end up in a bad flavor. Carrying extra hooks is also essential as you may lose one in the stony shore or deep waters.

Bait and Lures

Different fish have different preference for lures or baits. So a prior knowledge about the kind of fish you will have, will help you in getting the right baits and lures. For freshwater or saltwater, you will need baby mullet, shrimp, earthworm and grubs. You can ask for the ones that are specially treated to attract fish.


You may need a knife for different scaling or gutting your catch. So, an all-purpose knife is another essential tool to go in a fishing bag. Otherwise, if you pass through rough vegetation to reach your fishing destination, a knife can cut your way through the foliage.


Bobbers is a tool that floats on the water surface and sinks as the fish bite on lures attached on the line. It guides you to roll the line to catch fish. Many shapes of bobbers will be available but the most useful are the round ones.


If you throw the hook and the bait in water, it will hardly attract any fish as both are very light in weight to sink. Here a sinker plays an important role by adding weight and the lure sinks deep in water to lure the fish in water. It also have a special place in a useful tackle box.


Fishing after daylight is an adventure that every anglers must try. This exciting venture can be done if you have a good flashlight in your tackle box. And if you don’t like the idea of fishing in dark, you will still find it useful if you lose your way in the woods and have to find path to road after sunset.

Fish Finder

The sure shot formula to a wonderful fishing trip is the ample catch you get. For that a Fish finder is most helpful tool. It detects fish in any kind of water body.

These, except the fish finder, are the must have tools in my father’s tackle box. The only new addition will be the fish finder that I am going to gift him on this fishing trip. I hope we get a good catch and a wonderful fish delicacies from my mom’s kitchen

Fishing Industry- Pros and Cons

Fishing industry is concerned with various activities like culturing, storing, preserving, treating, carriage and marketing of fish or fish products. Various methodologies are employed to capture fish. Traditional method of using a line and hook to catch fish is still prevalent in certain areas. Many fishermen use a single line with multiple hooks to catch these highly profit earning marine animals. Commercial methods involve the use of nets to catch the fish in large volumes. Fish industry is a great boon to economy on globally everywhere, but it is posing threat to global environment by endangering the marine life, at the same time.

Let’s explore some of the pros and cons of fishing industry,



  • Since fish industry involves a lot of activities of different kinds. It is certainly a big source of jobs worldwide with handsome salaries. It also contributes to a nation’s economy.
  • The major percentage of world population feeds on sea-food and depends on it for dietary protein. Fishing industry caters to this demand globally and has a major impact on World GDP.
  • The fishing industry is responsible for the well-being of millions of people since fish and its by-products are considered good for cardiac health.
  • In countries which have long coastlines, fish as food is available at affordable prices and fishing industry provides large varieties of sea food.


  • Fishing industry is known to use certain methods of fishing like using explosives or poisoning that result in destruction of coral reefs.
  • Fishing industry is posing threat to many marine species like dolphins and sharks fish.
  • The latest fishing techniques are responsible for natural habitat destruction of many marine animals.
  • Over fishing and use of latest equipment result in imbalance of ocean ecology. The United Nations and the other countries have shown a great concern on this situation.
  • Fish industry is treating the fish with harmful chemicals to prevent them from infections and diseases. Consumption of such fish is taking a toll on human health as well.


With a goal to check the exhaustion of profitable marine assets, the worldwide communities are attempting genuine endeavors to blend regulations to oversee the fishing industry. In 1982, United Nations Convention on law of the sea created EEZ (Exclusive economic zones) to allow the countries to use fishing vessels on high seas defined as 200 metres from the coasts.

Although the international community is putting energized efforts to reduce over-fishing, the global climate change with increasing levels of carbon dioxide in oceans has further made this task more challenging.